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KaRa Studios 

A private tattoo shop in downtown Edmonton.   Appointment Only Tattoo Shop Edmonton

Finding a tattoo artist you trust is an important and intimate process for every client. A tattoo shop should allow you to feel comfortable, calm, and relaxed while working with your tattoo artist.

At KaRa Studios we believe the vibe of the experience is just as important to the tattoo process as the procedure is itself.

As a private tattoo shop, we have one tattoo artist with us and there is no walk-in traffic in the tattoo shop.

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Our tattoo artist has walk in and custom tattoo shop experience and is well diverse in her ability to take on projects of many different styles including, black and grey portraits, traditional tattoos, stylized realism tattoos, minimalist tattoos, pointalism, and watercolor tattoos.  

Having a tattoo artist who has worked in multiple tattoo shops in Edmonton and Alberta over a 12+ year career, including reputable shop, Eye of the Lotus here in Edmonton. Tattoo artist, KatieO has been able to experience what different tattoo shops have to offer and has been able to discover the kind of environment she can get the most creativity and peace out of. She has now decided to branch out with a private tattoo shop to ensure the greatest comfort for her creativity to flourish and all clients to feel at home and enjoy the process comfortably. 

Look no further,  you’ve found your Tattoo Shop Edmonton

tattoo shop edmonton
tattoo shop edmonton


edmonton tattoo artists

KaRa Studio Edmonton

Tattoo Shop Edmonton /  Tattoo Artists

  1. Custom, clean, private Tattoo Shop Edmonton 
  2. Friendly, creative, down-to-earth tattoo shop. With your privacy and comfort a priority.
  3. Hourly charge for smaller pieces. Half-day and full-day session pricing available as well. Consultations are always free of charge.
  4. Black and grey Portraits, pet portraits, stylized realism, watercolor, pointillism, stand alone linework 
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Tattoo Shop Edmonton

tattoo shop edmonton

Tattoo Shop Edmonton- Artists

KaRa Studios is home to tattoo artist,  Katie O.

tattoo industry and a lifetime of creating all kinds of art works, there is no doubt you will receive a one of a kind custom piece you will wear with pride for the rest of your life. 

 She has extensive experience in covering scars, post-operative reconstruction cover-ups, poor-quality tattoo cover-ups, small and large scale pieces. She has been trusted countless times with intimate placement tattoos as well and holds her professional attitude and care at a high standard for every client. 

KatieO’s main goal has always been to, with the help of tattoos, achieve a sense of self confidence and love within each individual. She can have you stand out from the crowd with a sleeve or back piece she completes in record time or give you just a small special memento you can hold close forever. 

As a tattoo artist, KatieO always tries to take an individual approach to each client and makes sure to take into account the personal characteristics of each client and ideas they may have, along with the anatomical characteristics of the body.

KatieO has developed a reputation for being very friendly, easy to talk to and down to earth. She is very patient and will sit with you and listen to all your ideas and look through all references to design the perfect tattoo to match your style and personality. She has a kind heart and gentle touch that will leave you wanting to come back for years to come.


Tattoo Shop Edmonton

Tattoo Artist Edmonton

Tattoo Artest Edmonton Kary o
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Over the years, KatieO has gained a lot of experience and knowledge that allows her to perform works in many different styles including, black and grey, stylized realism, color works, pointillism, old school, traditional, watercolor, geometric, and stand-alone linework pieces.  She has developed a style and look that is recognizable and definitely stands out from the crowd. Her main priority is always high quality and safety!

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tattoo shop edmonton
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10 Questions you need to ask before your appointment

1. What should I bring to the tattoo session? - Tattoo Shop Edmonton -

  • Government issued photo identification 
  • Cash
  • Bring a bottle or two of water or preferred drink and some  food. Especially if it’s a longer session, it’s important to maintain your energy during the tattoo process. Depending on how long your session is, you may want to have a small break to regain some strength and a sugary snack is great to have on hand.
  • Asurgical or cloth mask – Covid-19 regulation 
  • You can bring entertainment. Headphones for your own music, a laptop/iPad, homework or books are all great to help distract during the tattoo process 
  • Comfortable clothes that ensure workability for the area being worked on
  • A clean pillow, blanket or robe if desired (recommended for longer sessions)
  • A clean body – please shower before your appointment and avoid heavy perfumes or cologne. – Katie is quite scent sensitive, the last thing you’d want is your artist getting a migraine 10 mins into your session because of perfumes, cologne or essential oils
  • Gum, Katie’s personal need for any tattoo sesh 😉

2. Can I bring a support group? - Tattoo Shop Edmonton -

  • No. This is a private studio so no other persons other than the individual getting tattooed are to come to the appointment. 
  • Covid-19 restrictions prohibits anyone other than the individual and artist to be present during procedure

3. Can I drink alcohol before the session? - Tattoo Shop Edmonton -

  • No. Please do not drink alcohol for 24 hours before your appointment. 
  • Alcohol leads to blood thinning, thus during the session the bleeding will increase and can affect the quality of the tattoo.
  • If there is a scent of alcohol on your breath you will be asked to leave immediately and all deposits will be forfeited.
  • We are 4:20 friendly 🙂

4. Does the tattoo hurt? - Tattoo Shop Edmonton

  • Different people have different pain thresholds. Your age, weight, complexion, and placement of the tattoo are all factors that go into the experience of different sensations from the session. It is impossible to determine whether it will hurt you more or less than what your friends have told you
  • Be prepared for pain

5. Can you see the sketch before the tattoo appointment? - Tattoo Shop Edmonton -

  • Yes. Although Katie does not send photos of any drawings, you can absolutely book a time prior to your booked appointment to come in to see the drawing no sooner than 48 hours before the booked appointment. Otherwise the drawing will be seen the day of. Any changes to the drawing can be made, no problem. 
  • If a redraw needs to be done for whatever reason you may be rescheduled to accommodate the time needed to redraw and your deposit may be held at the discretion of the artist.  
  • The best way to make sure a redraw is not necessary, please be sure to bring as much reference as possible to the consultation. There is never too much. The artist needs to know what it is you see in your head for your tattoo so she can design the most perfect design for you. Be clear and prepared to share all your ideas.
  • Minor changes are not considered a redraw 

6. How long does it take to book a session? - Tattoo Shop Edmonton -

  • We operate by appointment only. Wait times depend on the session and availability. 
  • Booking also depends on the size of the tattoo. Larger pieces may take longer to design and draw which will take longer to book in. 
  • Generally, there is an about a 3 – 6 week wait period to book.
  • When doing 100% custom-drawn artwork, it takes time to come together. 
  • Patience is very much appreciated especially with larger piece designs
  • Emails may take up to 6 weeks or more to be answered if the artist is backed up with clients. 
  • Again patience is very much appreciated with this process.

7. How much will the tattoo cost? - Tattoo Shop Edmonton

  • Quite an important factor when choosing a tattoo artist is the cost of a tattoo. We offer price-quality work. 
  • The hourly rate is $170/hour. There is an additional one-time $20 setup fee to cover cleaning supplies and bandages added to each session.
  • We also offer half-day or full-day session pricing for larger-scale pieces. 
  • $700 half-day session – 5 hours
  • $1300 full day session – 8-10 hours
  • To have an estimated price quote a consultation is always needed. 
  • Consultations are always free of charge but a deposit is required at the end of the consultation in order to book an appointment 
  • The quotes that are given during a consultation are just an estimate and are subject to change. 
  • There are many factors that come into play when executing a tattoo that can cause the session to take longer or shorter times than originally quoted. 
  • We are operating as CASH ONLY for the time being. This will be changing soon and we will be accepting all forms of payment in the near future.

8. How long does it take to get a tattoo? - Tattoo Shop Edmonton

  • All tattoos done at KaRa Studios are custom designed so each piece depends on multiple different aspects to determine the time it will take. 
  • A consultation is required to have an approximate time estimate.

9. What style do you work in? - Tattoo Shop Edmonton

  • Katie O is quite a diverse artist and can handle almost any style given to her.
  • She loves to tattoo animals –  pet portraits are her fave 
  • Figures, pin ups, organic material – flowers, trees, corals 
  • JELLYFISH – black and grey or color! Any style, please just let her do it! 
  • Black and grey portraits
  • Watercolor
  • Custom Lettering
  • Large scale pieces

10. Do you do tattoos for minors? - Tattoo Shop Edmonton -

  • Absolutely NO. No exceptions at all. 18+ only
  • All clients are required to present a government-issued photo ID upon arrival for every appointment. No exceptions
tattoo shop edmonton

---Tattoo Shop Edmonton Tattoo Artist Edmonton --- KatieO. has been trusted to bring your ideas to skin since 2009

KaRa Studios is located in a quiet and picturesque side street of downtown Edmonton. Inside the studio has breathtaking panoramic views of downtown Edmonton you just have to experience. A 5-minute walk from the LRT Stadium station, convenient to get to us both by public transport and by car. Public parking is available nearby.

The cozy and creative energy of KaRa Studios will be felt the moment you enter. 

You will be greeted by Katie’s loving companions Rajah and Phoebe.

Rajah is a Great Dane that is the definition of a gentle giant. Nothing beats anxiety or nervousness like having an emotional support pet on hand. 

The studio is completely separate from all pet activities.

Katie O has suffered from PTSD for the last 10 years and having Rajah by her side has been the greatest for her well being, creativity and most importantly her career. There isn’t a face Rajah can’t put a smile on. 

To get a tattoo at KaRa Studios – it’s not only absolutely safe, clean, and enjoyable, but you will also leave with a beautiful custom tattoo and experience wanting to come back for more. We pride ourselves on always using the latest professional equipment, having proper and consistent sanitation, disinfecting, and overall cleanliness procedures, providing custom original artwork and giving professional and friendly, kind-hearted service.

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Tattoo Shop / Artists Edmonton - Clean. Tight. Dope

It’s no secret that Edmonton has its fair share of tattoo parlors. Many people in Alberta who are thinking about getting a tattoo are looking for a tattoo artist in Edmonton.

Despite the large abundance of tattoo artists in Edmonton, not all of them can meet the high quality standards that KatieO puts forth.

Of the tattoo artists in Edmonton, KatieO compares favorably with others. She provides an individual approach to each client. When she works with you on your tattoo, you will be in comfort and ease. Over the years, she has developed a large base of loyal clients who trust her. By choosing KatieO at KaRa Studios, you will get quality that’s been proven over the years.

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KaRa Studio Edmonton

Tattoo Shop Edmonton /  Tattoo Artists

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What Our Clients Say About Tattoo Shop Edmonton

What some past clients have to say about working with KatieO

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edmonton tattoo artists
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